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Originally Posted by PH/CIB
Geez, Creeper, What a great post!
I have owned those guns for years and I learned more from your post about those discontinued HK handguns than from years of shooting them.
Glad you enjoyed it... As you do, I appreciate the unique and sometimes cutting edge designs of the guns from the 60s - early 80s.
My "perfect European handgun collection" always begins with a first series CZ75, SIG Model 49, SIG P210-6, H&K P9S Target, H&K P7M8, Walther P5, Walther P88 and of course, a Belgian Browning Mk.III Hi Power. With the exception of the SIG 49 which I learned to appreciate later in life... these are the guns of my younger, more glorious days.
Originally Posted by PH/CIB
Glad you beat the colon cancer and are still alive and kicking!
Not beat yet I'm afraid... but I'm still dancing. Thanks for the kindness though.

Cheers and g'night,
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