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Originally Posted by Woody55 View Post
I guess I should remark on why my average on hand round count is so high (1,000 for what I shoot most). It isn't because of zombies, the breakdown of society or gun banning.

It's based on how fast I expend the rounds, how long it takes me to find a decent deal and get buy a resupply and how much I can afford to pay for a bulk shipment.

I have a single shot .243. The on hand average is 40 rounds. When I hit 20, I look for two boxes to buy. (I have the dies to reload, but I haven't transitioned to reloading yet).

+1. Same here. See a sale, load up. I'll be down to a couple hundred rounds and then start watching for sales/free shipping. I never pay more than .15 per rd for 9mm or .25 per rd for .223.
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