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So I finally got back to the range to confirm some data. I was able to do some testing with another 44 RedHawk - this one a 9.5" barrel (mine is 7.5").
I moved the chrony out further (5 yard) to eliminate muzzle blast.

Winchester 240gr SP (Factory):
My 7.5" RH - 1540 fps (Book Value 1180 with 4" Barrel)
9.5" RH - 1470 fps

Sierra 300gr SP (over 18.0gr 2400)
My 7.5" RH - 1250 fps (Book Value around 1000 fps with 7.5" Barrel)
9.5" RH - 1140 fps

Hornady 240gr XTP (over 19.5gr 2400)
My 7.5" RH - 1350 fps (Book Value 1240 with 7.5" Barrel)
9.5" RH - 1280 fps

Hornady 240 XTP (over 20.5gr 2400)
My 7.5" RH - 1420 (Book Value 1310 with 7.5" Barrel)

It seems that my 7.5" barrel is producing velocities of about 70-100 fps faster than a 9.5" barrel.
Also it is producing velocities of about 100-200 fps faster than book values.
Both guns were showing similar signs at the primer - mild to moderate primer flattening. The 9.5" gun is a very "experienced gun". Mine is of 80's vintage but was first shot by me a year and a half ago.

And I shot some of the same handloads out of my Rossi 92 16" barrel and got more or less dead on book values.

I did some shots to compare Winchester brass to Hornady - with the same load in each case I was getting about 50 fps more with Hornady.

So the lingering questions are: how, why, and is this all safe?
Is the fast gun phenomenon true?

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