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Good choice

I like the choice in rifles due to being a large fan of Savage Arms for the last 12 years or so. I own a Savage 10 Precision Carbine in 308 for the last year maybe year and a half now and can only say wonderful things about this gun. My friend Stan purchased a 110 BA in 300 Win Mag six or 8 months ago and I have got to run a few rounds through the weapon myself. All I can tell you is get one if that is the type rifle you are looking for in the gun market. I know you can spend more for a target rifle of this nature in a heart beat, Stan has a few that if I had got a gun that cost what they did my wife would have asked for it in the divorce I would have got for spending that much on a gun. I have shot all of Stans target rifles and even he has said that the Savage is dollar for dollar ever bit the fine shooter the others are for less money. Yes the others may be nicer from just standing and looking at but when the rubber meets the road you can't beat the Savage. But what do I know I only have a Savage 10 but I sure do like it a lot.
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