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Buyer's remorse... almost

I recently bought a Weatherby Vanguard S2 in .308 with a 24" barrel, and after one trip to the range to break in the barrel, zero the sights and shoot my first group (1.25 inch with Rem CoreLokt) I have been happy with it. It is accurate, well made and the trigger is wonderful (but then I am partial to two stage triggers). Since I hunt in the hilly woods of Western PA in stands and on the ground, the only things I do not like about it are 1. it is heavy and 2. it does not have a detachable magazine. I bought it for $425.

Today while buying ammo at Dick's Sporting goods I handled a Savage package rifle in .308 with a synthetic stock, detachable magazine, 22" barrel and Nikon scope for $549. I think it also had an Accutrigger, but they do not remove the trigger guard for customers at Dick's. Though in the past I did not like the feel of Savage rifles, this one fit perfectly. It is obvious that Savage is working to improve the aesthetics of their rifles with a clean locking nut on the barrel and bolt release relocated to the front of the trigger guard.

Sooooooo, I had a pang of buyer's remorse. I just bought a well made, accurate .308, but for climbing into stands and making quick shots in the woods a lighter rifle, with a shorter barrel and detachable magazine would be perfect. Some time in the future I could always have a gunsmith cut down the Vanguard's barrel and Legacy sports sells a detachable mag kit that fits it (although it won't be flush). While I could easily afford it, I cannot justify two .308 rifles for the same purpose. Also, I just spent two hours at the range to break in the Vanguard, and it has the best trigger I have ever felt.

Your thoughts?
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