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Adjustable Butt Plate for a Shotgun

Question on an adjustable butt-plate. I recently had one installed on my competition gun. All advertisements for this type of plate say it can be moved up to 1.5" up or down. Here's my problem. As installed, I can only move it down 0.5" right now. There's no manual I can find anywhere, so I'm coming to the forums.

Please reference the attached picture for references. Right now, with both screws in, I can only move the plate down the length of the green line. However, if I remove the top screw (black arrow points to it), I can then move the plate down a full 1.5" like I need.

Is this right? If I do it this way, then the sliding plate will be secured with only one screw. I had it this way for a shoot this past weekend, but the plate came loose by the fourth box. I was going to drill a small hole in the pad so I can tighten the plate in the field.

I'm looking for help or direction to a good set of instructions. The intuitive answer just seems off to me.


PS - Admin...I apologize if this is better posted in the accessories forum. I figured I'm focused on shogun applications and would try this forum.
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