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If you hate the 300 WBY there is no use dressing up the pig. Not to insult the cartridge, but if you already hate it and it is in your heat that it is going to kick your butt, it's hard to fix that and get it shooting good groups.

IMHO the perfect power range for elk is the 300WM/WSM. That will take you to a good 800 yards, in the right hands. The wind correction to get to ~700 was not hard for me at all, on the one I shot that far.

I am not a fan of the 7mm simply because I have known too many people who lost elk shot with them. I will not say this sample is representative of what the cartridge could do, but like I said about the 300 WBY once you get the doubt in your head it is better to go with it than try to fight it. I prefer 30cal and 338cal holes in elk, just me....

For more average ranges (200-400 yds), why not a 30-06 pushing 180gr bullets? Seems like a no-brainer to me. Common cartridge you already have dies for, and WAY less recoil than the 300 WBY. If I was not going to shoot over 500 yards on elk I would see no need to take more recoil than that delivered by a 30-06.
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