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My HKP7M8 is lazer accurate, great sights, great trigger, thin and compact, extremely safe with squeeze cocker design, fixed barrel.

On the downside there are handguns the same size that carry twice as many rounds and weigh much less and cost one half to one third as much, also even though my newer HKP7M8 has the heat shield in the top of the trigger guard, it does get very hot after four or five magazines in a row at the range, and the biggest downside of all this gun and it's magazines were never cheap and now that it is no longer made and older models are no longer being sold at CDNN, you will be looking at paying a premium on GunBroker. Still worthwhile to get, it is a cool handgun.

A couple of other single stack 9mm favorites of mine are the HKP9S, extremely accurate and a trigger that breaks like glass, and the Walther P5 Compact with left side eject.
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