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Found Some Cheap Ammo (Kind Of)

There is an MC Sports in my area, and while they rarely have anyone in the gun department to offer any assistance I will stop in once in awhile and check their ammo. I stopped about a week ago and was looking at some .45acp. They have a lot of Fiocchi and it is generally the cheapest. The guy that finally helped me then pulled out some Remington UMC 50 round boxes of 230gn FMJ for $17.99. I bought one and left.

A couple of days later I got to thinking that that probably wasn't a bad price, so, yesterday I picked up another box. The girl at the counter rung me up and told me I owed her $29.01. I pointed out that the sticker was $17.99. She started to call someone, but then changed her mind and sold it at $17.99 rather than the $26.99 that the scan said it was.

I went back today and bought the last two boxes for $17.99. The cheapest I've seen it anywhere else is $22.99. They also had 185gr Remington UMC marked $17.99, but I was out of money.
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