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Ya your right, SOME of those calibers can be too high, my comment was more geared toward common cartridges, 327 fed magnum isn't hardly common.
I can walk into 4 local shops, the local Cabela's, or the local Sportsman's Warehouse, and buy any one of the three to six .327 Federal revolvers they have in stock. In addition, I can choose ammunition from any of the 2 to 5 loads they keep in stock, at all of those places except Sportsman's. (Sportsman's doesn't carry any .327 Federal ammo, except the price-gouged $35/box Buffalo Bore 130 gr load.) All of that ammunition, and all of those revolvers are manufactured in adherence to SAAMI recommendations.

I believe that more than qualifies it as both "common" (your last post) and "standard" (your previous post).
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