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TMD-- I was just looking for a load that if I had to even in that rifle I could make a longer shot like lets say hitting consistently on a 8" circle at 4oo yards. unreasonable? I will definitely try the 75 HPBT but I was still surprised the 69 gr SMK didn't fair better either.

HiBC- yeah I have a good chunk of RL15 i use in my .308 Im going to try that next.

Judge- one of the bullets was a 69gr SMK. didnt fair better.

I might be expecting to much out of that rifle but I figure if I can just find that one load of 70~ or higher gr at or under 1 MOA for longer shots Ill feel accomplished. Thanks for ya'lls help! Good insights! It will be a few weeks before I can make it to the range again but Ill let you know how it goes when i try the Hornady 75 gr HPBT and change the powder to RL15.
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