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Wheel Weights in Canada - Analysis

Alrighty, I just finished converting 400 lbs of mixed wheel weights into clean muffin-tin ingots today. My back is killing me.

Anyway, the ingots I made weight in at 280 lbs, and about 38 lbs of stuck-on weights that I haven't melted yet. So this means around 82 lbs of zinc, iron, clips, nuts & bolts, dross, and other unidentifiable crap made up the rest. That's close to an 80% yield. Could be worse!

I'm not kidding myself though, the party in Canada is not going to last forever. Soon the laws might change here and I'll be seeing more and more Zn and Fe. Before that happens, my goal is to have enough ingots stocked away to last me the rest of my life. I'm getting there.
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