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...a OAL of 1.200 That seems awfully short to me.
Well, it is a FP profile, so it is not unusual to see a shorter OAL.

Seating to a longer OAL won't increase pressure, but you may have feeding or chambering problems.

Did you try making up a couple of dummy rounds for the "plunk test" in your barrel? Comparing the base of the cartridge against the hood of the barrel is a good check for "will it chamber", plus the "plunk" noise means the mouth of the cartridge is hitting the end of the chamber instead of the bullet hitting the rifling...

One common practice is to keep a couple of dummy rounds for each bullet type you shoot, as an aid in setting up your seating die. (Adjust the FP or RN seating stem until it just touches the dummy round...and that's close to what you want to use to seat that profile bullet in a charged case.)
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