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One has to be careful in the woods and the outdoors, especially when alone. I often hunt alone (due to everyone else’s schedules through the week) on our deer lease which is 240 miles from home. Generally I am on my own and the land lease owner and his family are the only ones that have a clue as to when I go into the woods and when I come out. I call my wife and brother in law only after coming out of the woods each day (sometimes during lunch rime if I kill a deer). If something happened in the woods to me I could be there for hours before anyone even has a clue something might be wrong. Maybe longer than that since the land owner is a big bear hunter and he leaves on week long trips to his bear camp. I try to hunt smart and not take any chances, but you never know in the woods when a fall can spoil everything. Most of our tree stands are ladder stands and that is probably the best opportunity to get hurt in a bad way. I do carry my cell phone in my shirt pocket at all times and figure if at least I don't get knocked out I can call for help.
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