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10/22 Magazine Movement Causing Failure to Feed

I'm having an issue with one of my Ruger 10/22s. With a mag fully inserted, I am able to wiggle it back and forth about 1/16", in which it often gets stuck in the rearward position. It also is able to stick in this rearward position upon initial insertion. With my other 10/22s, I am only able to wiggle the seated mags about 1/32", and they always return to the forward position from the spring tension on the magazine latch plunger. The mag sticking in the rearward position is sometimes causing the bolt to hang up in its rearward position during cycling, resulting in failures to feed. When the bolt hangs up, simply tapping up or forward on the bottom of the mag allows it to move into the forward position, freeing the bolt and allowing it to move forward into battery, chambering the round.

This is not a mag issue as it occurs with all of my factory 10rd mags, all of which do not exhibit the problem with my other two rifles. The problem rifle is a newer model with a polymer trigger group, factory extended mag release, and a VQ auto bolt release.

Any help diagnosing this problem is greatly appreciated.

ETA: I've tried swapping the following parts, and with the stock removed, with no avail: mag release, mag latch plunger and spring, bolt release, entire trigger group.
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