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Welcome to the Asylum...

Yes... not made for several years now. "Used NIB" you will pay $1500 and up. I carried one for over 10 years. They are all steel and weigh quite a bit for a 4" barreled gun.
They stopped making them because, they were expensive to make, expensive to sell and had a limited range of customers. Like the original SIG P210... either you are a fanatic, or you think they are a lot of money for a 9mm handgun.

If you've never shot one, they are a unique manual of arms and should be the only gun you carry... not switched around with other systems.

No one makes a handgun presently with all the features of the P7 design: Low bore center, squeeze cocking striker fired-short single action trigger, gas retarded blowback operation.
I'm not going to tell you not to, 'cause I loved my P7M8, but you'll probably be better off with a modern, "low bore center" handgun like a Steyr M8-A1 or Caracal. The low bore center of the P7 is, arguably, it's best feature.

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