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Colt was still offering revolvers chambered in .32 S&W Long in 1940, though how common they were is another story. The Pocket Positive Model and the Police Positive and Police Positive Target Models were all offered in that caliber. I don't know how they were marked, however. They were also offered in .32 Colt Police Positive (New Police), so described in the catalog.

Cases themselves may not always be marked the way you think they should be or the same as the way they are on the box they came in. These are very likely to be marked ".32 Long" and the box is also likely to have the model of the revolver they were meant for.

Other makers also were still producing revolvers in that caliber. S&W Revolvers were merely described as ".32 S&W." H&R and Iver Johnson, the guns that more people actually bought, produced them in almost endless variations and Iver Johnson listed several models in ".32 Special," which to this day I have no idea it is.
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