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Please excuse my ignorance in asking this question. I've never had any experience with a MI Garand - but I did have some of the 8 round loaded clips that are shown in the one photo above that came in the cloth bandolier. A friend gave them to me along with some 20 round boxes of match ammo that were from his Camp Perry days when he was in the service. I passed them on to another friend who got a M1 Garand from the DCM. At any rate . . .

When loading the M1 Grand with the 8 round clips as those shown, is the entire clip with 8 rounds loaded into the rifle and then the empty metal clip eject after the last round is fired or do they operate the same way as a "stripper clip"? I've used stripper clips on the Enfields that I used to have (303) so am familiar on how they work - the same as 5 round stripper clips for the 03A3, etc. I've just never seen how the M1 Garand functions in terms of the metal clips and rounds.

Thanks for a quick lesson - greatly appreciated!
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