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If you ever have a pierced primer,no matter what brand in any standard caliber it is 1) beyond specs in that caliber, 2)malfuntioning firing pin,.
You have nothing to worry about using those Federal primers.
That's a negative.
Some cartridge run pressure levels that are higher than what a "standard" primer can handle.

.327 Federal Magnum - Maximum average pressure: 45k PSI
If you run small pistol primers, and even some brands of small pistol magnum primers; you'll get pierced primers, before reaching maximum recommended pressure. To prevent piercing, small rifle primers should be used.
(Again - SAAMI's figures are recommended. They aren't set in stone. Even for manufacturers and load data publishers, adherence to SAAMI figures is voluntary, not mandatory.)

In the world of reloading, generalized rules are almost never a good idea. There are always exceptions to the 'rules', and usually... quite a few of them.
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