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I currently own Colt's, Rugers (OM and NM), and S&W's. I have owned USFA SA's and have never owned a Freedom Arms (To damn ugly and the grip frame and I just don't agree.) If I had to lay my money down on the table today for what I thought was the best buy for the amount invested it would surly be one of the new midsize frame Rugers, NM Vaquero's or NM Flat Top Blackhawks. I have not seen one yet that hasn't been a good shooter or not well finished. I believe all the guns I mentioned are good guns and worth the price, but to me being one half to one fifth the price of the other guns these new Rugers excel.
That being said the last revolver I bought was a A. Uberti 1858 Remington New Army and a R&D 45 Colt Conversion Cylinder. It's a hoot to shoot with a 255 gr. bullet and a full charge of 2F black powder. It's hard for most people to extract the advantages of the more precision built guns having fixed sights as found on the cowboy style guns for sure when in nickel or stainless.
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