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With that low a number, it sounds like someone finally set the parameters realistically.

At one time (and not so long ago, it seems) Handgun Control Inc (TheBradys and their ilk) were taking the numbers of people under the age of 25, shot and killed by anyone, for any reason, with anything (accidents, suicides, gang violence, general crime, and including those the police shot) as "Death of a Child due to a Handgun". And the press just blindly repeated it for years, without bothering to check to see if it had any basis in reality.

Now, the CDCC ought to be putting out statistics you can rely on, BUT......

Aren't these the same people who are trying to get gun violence classified as a disease?

Just because this statistic seems to be realistic (and in our favor in the gun control argument) does not mean it is automaticly accurate, or trustworthy.
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