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You said you have a pencil barrel that is chrome lined.Best to lower your expectations.If you find a load thats shooting 1 1/2 MOA,its doing fine,and so are you.

Of course,there are exceptions,but generally the sort of groups you hope for are fired from free floated rifles or carbines with HBAR or heavier barrels,and generally they are not chrome lined.

In the tradeoff,you have lighter weight and a longer barrel life with yours.

Unless your primary target is a prairie dog,it won't make much difference.

If you are shooting prairie dogs,the expanding varmint bullets will give more humane kills than heavy match bullets.

I prefer heavy bullets,too,it gets breezy here...Look at the 60 gr Varmint Ballistic tip.

You might also look at the 75 gr Hornady BTHP.(not A-Max).Better BC than most,load to mag length,and decent price.RE-15 has been giving me better results than Varget.H-4895 is one I intend to try.

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