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Adamantium ... the difference is a SWC doesn't cost as much as HP ammo.
My bad, I thought we were talking about self defense. Because that would be a really silly argument if we were.

always coming back to the 158 grain LSWC - no hollow point to fail, velocity is good, and penetration is good, too.
Oh wait, we are...

As far as shooting through barriers, you can carry ammo that does do that well, or carry ammo that doesn't. There is no actual downside to carrying the stuff that does. Shooting from the inside of an automobile to the outside doesn't sound like police work to me. Or to put that in other terms, when I was in Iraq and I went out on an 8 hour mission, I brought more than 8 hours of water with me. I didn't say that anything beyond what was supposed to happen wasn't going to happen.
New gun, same ol' shot.
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