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Of the 3 choices provided I would say LCP, it's a very decent polymer / pocket 380.

Of all the 380's one could pocket carry, I would say the Seecamp, based on size, for a 6+1 gun it is tiny. It's also expensive and though reliable has specific ammo that needs to be used as the gun is tuned to that ammo. Having only a 2.5 ounce slide and all the other size issues with the gun means there are some trade offs and ammo limitations is one of them. In fact as most will find out all truly tiny for caliber guns get ammo selective, it's the nature of the beast. Tiny 380's are this way, as are the very small 9mm's. Some makers will specify this (Seecamp, Kimber with the solo) others will not but many owners will find some rounds just don't work in a given gun.

Personally guns the size of the Sig 232, 238, PPK or Bersa don't qualify as pocket guns.

I have no use for a safety on a DAO "belly gun" the whole idea here with pocket carry is a small, quickly deployed, last ditch self defense weapon, the thought of having to thumb off a safety and draw from a pocket does not make me happy.

Likewise sights are frankly unneeded, the Seecamp has none, yet there is no problem scoring COM hits with it at 7 yards. It is very, very hard to me to consider a pocket 380 anything more than an up close defense weapon where sights are not needed. If one is thinking they need sights on a pocket gun because of x y or z they read about online COULD happen then either one needs to carry a larger, duty sized weapon or re-evaluate their expectations of a pocket gun.
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