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I didn't want to comment directly for a bit.

One problem that someone might postulate is that the training videos if exposed to a mass audience might prime someone to try it.

The criminologists and psychologists who look at this stuff know that rampagers study past rampagers for inspiration and ideas. Seeing the panic and pain in the news coverage is vicariously rewarding them for their fantasies of their own action. Many plan on suicide. They have made their point and before the act reward themselves with the imagined suffering.

Would watching the videos with the initial killings reward them and push them? Interesting question.

Second, would the suggestions - hide, flee, fight - tell them how to negate these. Without details, fleeing can be analyzed as part of a trap. It's been done - that's why I said there has been sophistication with some of these folks.

Fight - sounds good but the scenarios are really close quarters and not realistic for many possible venues. So does that turn the killer towards a venue that negates the charge of the staplers and Iphones?

The videos avoid, IMHO, trained folks with firearms - that is deliberate as adding firearms for SD is anathema to the powers that be.
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