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Yesterday I was at my local gun store, intent on buying an LCP. I've been doing loads of research on it, and a week ago I shot one at the range. The owner tried to convince me to buy a SW Bodyguard (on sale since he just got 30 of them), of which I've heard both good and bad things. For only $30 more, here are the extras that the Bodyguard had:
  • manual safety
  • slide lock
  • usable sights
  • laser
I was pretty impressed at first, until I realized that using the safety required my complete attention. It was HARD. The only way I'll use a safety is if I can switch it off while pulling it out of my pocket, so it takes up no extra time. Of course, I also realize that the gun was fresh out of the box; maybe it will ease up. I loved the slide lock, the sights, and the choice for laser, but the safety was next to useless. I was kind of excited, but then I took the Bodyguard to the range, and after 3 shots I was done! I finished off 10 for good measure, but I hated every second of it. Since I actually had fun shooting the LCP (if this makes sense - the kick is similar, but it's not as snappy as the SW) it was easy to make up my mind.

Also the LCP and the Bodyguard both have long trigger pulls, but the Bodyguard felt more jerky, whereas the LCP was smooth. The LCP is just a tiny bit smaller and a tiny bit lighter.

The LCP is in my pocket.
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