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You can be a shooter & a smoker, but smoker's are 50 times more likely to end up being targets themselves...

I can track a smoker by SMELL alone in the woods...but most of 'em are sloppy and throw butts all over the place...
those that field-strip their dead ciggy's and bury 'em at least keep us from finding the butts...
(Army Sgt's had a way of dealing with those who tossed butts in the field...
hadda dig a 6'x6'x3' Grave for a Ciggy Butt...usually didn't happen twice )

The red end of a ciggy can be seen for a LONG distance...the lighter/match flame even farther...
makes a real nice target at night!

But the smell...that's very trackable...smoking kills your sense of smell so you can't tell how much of a scent trail you leave...
but us former smokers...we'll find a Rottweiler chasing an kid on a tricycle, you got no chance at all
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