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Howdy All,

Thanks to all for the replies and information. You've helped me locate an aproxamite manufacturing date of this rifle, I appreciate it.
Apparently it is a L61R Finnbear made between 06/03/78 and 25/09/81 as per the Sako web page. But I've also learned that Sako wasn't too keen on serial numbers being sequential or well documented.

This rifle does have a two lug bolt with no bolt shroud per say. It's serial number 537493 "Seems" to put in it the above mentioned mfg date. I don't know if it's a delux model or pre or post Garcia inport. It would be cool to find out, but I'm willing to bet it won't affect the accuracy much though. Ha,,,

I did find a set of "High" 1" Leuplod rings on line for $40.00. So now it's time to find a decent scope,,,,

Any suggestions any one?
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