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Home defense firearm

What feels good in the hand, at the counter, after a few rounds, does it still feel comfortable? Rent if you can, and try them all, if not for the experience.

Yes, a semi-automatic pistol requires a little more study, and a lot more 'if's', than a revolver. Find Clint Smith videos on YouTube, and you will see videos on all the intricacies of both revolvers and semi's.

In the dark, a revolver has less 'switches'. True, they hold less than a semi, but it is NOT the amount of lead downrange that counts, it is WHERE they are going! So, six for sure, or more for maybe or sure, is your choice.

Mind you, any firearm in the dark will have muzzle flash, and a bang! How will that play, in your reactions?

Revolvers give you all the reaction impulse in your hand, whereas semi's 'process' some of that in their machinery functions, i.e., slide movement, ejection and loading of next cartridge. Semi's require a specific "not-less-than-X-cartridge load", to make the machinery work, whereas revolvers do not.

I wish you well with your choice.
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