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I have been buying online.
The places I've looked online do not have Winchester WSP small pistol primers.
I have been buying online.
The places I shop do not have the Winchester small pistol primers.

I appreciate the advice that several folks have given to look for the primers I want online, but as I've said a bunch of times, I have been buying primers online. There seems to be a shortage of Winchester WSP small pistol primers, ONLINE.

Hence, I got the Federal small pistol primers, ONLINE. I understand about online buying.

My question was, "Since I can NOT find Winchester WSP small pistol primers in local stores OR ONLINE, and since I got the Federals instead, are there any problems with Federal small pistol primers that I need to be aware of?"

The answer seems to be the following:
1. Many people have used them without problems.
2. Some people found that when using them for SAAMI spec loading, they find the primers pierce even when they use loading specs that are within the SAAMI safety ranges.

So, then I asked if that is a problem, i.e. having the primers pierced by the firing pin, IF THE LOADING IS WITHIN SAFE RANGES OF PRESSURE, and the answer seems to be the following:
1. Some folks don't understand the question (that related to how a very soft primer could be pierced by the firing pin under otherwise safe loading conditions).
2. Yeah, that will be a problem, if the firing pin pierces the primer, and yes it can happen with Federal small pistol primers even if the ammo is loaded well within the limits of the SAAMI safe pressure ranges.

So, now I've got one other question for the group:
Presumably, Federal uses their own primers in their own factory loaded ammo, right? And, so if the primers don't pierce when I shoot factory-loaded Federal ammo and I load to comparable pressures in my reloaded ammo with Federal primers, I should probably not see pierced primers with my reloaded ammo, right?

The fly in that ointment is that Federal and CCI are owned by ATK and it is by no means certain that they actually use Federal primers in the factory-loaded Federal ammo. Right?
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