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Guys, we really need to check facts before posting answers. This is how incorrect info keeps living on, and on, and on.

The Yugo M1924 and M24/47 are BOTH intermediate length actions. The M48 and all it's variations are intermediate length actions.

Normally the 24/47 has a straight bolt handle and the M48's are a bent bolt handle.

The Yugo M98/48 (captured K98's) is a full length action. There is a quarter inch difference in length.

The Yugo M24/52C (VZ24) is a full length action.

Top two are intermediate length and the bottom is full length.
Two M48's and a M24/52C

Original M1924, a intermediate length Mauser action.

Originally Posted by zbones6
I know the 24/47's were reworked Belgian rifles,
The first M1924's were made at FN, about 100,000, the remainder were made in K-SCS.

Here in the USA we tend to refere to Mauser action by length. It should be by "ring size". There are three basic Mauser rifle actions. Large ring, small ring and intermediate ring.

ETA: TX Hunter got it right.
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