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Well, it doesn't sound like quality means the same thing to everyone. And by the way, everything here applies to automatics and rifles, too, more or less.

There is such a thing as pricing policy, though that happens more at the retail end of things, rather than at the wholesale or manufacturer's end. It is as though a retailer wants to project a certain quality of the product by the pricing. The higher the price, the higher the qualtiy. Right? However, where it might get confusing is the way a company like Ruger has products priced all over the scale. Their No. 1 rifles are not inexpensive but some of their handguns are relatively moderately priced.

Cost is different and may not be that closely related to selling price. The identical product made by the same company, even domestically, may not cost the same to produce in different places. Obviously that's why production migrates within the country to lower cost locations.

If a high qualtiy firearm is accurate, could it have a mediocre finish? If it is finely made and exhibits excellent craftsmanship but is unreliable under certain conditions, is it high quality? If it is only so-so at the range, yet would last two or three lifetimes, is it high quality? Is a Colt lightweight Commander the same quality as a Colt Combat Commander, which in theory should last longer? If something has a good price but you can't find one, is it still a good price?
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