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In my first in ring experience, at a Catholic Boxing Club, in England, I was 15 yoa.

Because I was big for my age, 5'10", I was paired up with a boxer, who was going pro! His Brother and I had been in a fight at School, a week prior.

We both were real marked up, shook hands, he convinced me to join Lowe House Boxing Club. (I was not good in our fight!)

My School Buddy, Cunningham, told his Brother we were mates!
But I knew I was in for a beating!

The referee, a Priest, gave the ring warnings, no hitting below the belt, etc.

As a survivalist (if there is such a word) my plan was simple, I shot off the ropes, flew across the ring, and punched my opponent in the throat!

That was the end of that match, almost did Cunny in! Picked up some good training in that little club. Polished all points, as a part time Bouncer in Liverpool, 5 years. Biggest one, watching. Second, hit first.
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