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Walnut shells leaving reddish haze??

.....This is my first time that I am using a Lyman vibrating tumbler.

I ran it with walnut shells and a cap full on Nufinish car polish and couple of tablespoons of golf grip solvent (mineral spirits) for 4 hours. The used walnut shell media is now slightly moist to the touch.

The .40sw brass cases are clean but there is a redish haze on them. This is especially noticeable on the inside of the cases. They have not been deprimed yet.

Is this normal or did I put too much mineral spirits or too much NuFinish car polish in the crushed walnut shells?

I cannot find any crushed walnut shells or corn cob media anywhere locally. Is this a product that must be purchased and shipped from an Internet store like Cabellas, MidwayUSA, etc.? I looked locally in Home Depo and a large hobby store but neither sell walnut shells????

How long does a jar of walnut shells usually last; how many cleanings should you use it before it should be tossed?

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