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9mm case stampings on used range brass

I was tumbling some range brass. While inspecting the primer pockets for bits of corn cob media I noticed about one fifth of the brass had "RWS" case markings. I took note of these because they looked really nice after tumbling. Especially the pockets. (looked like they'd came off a CNC mill, instead of stamped in a forging process) Plus, overall, they look in better shape than the rest of the mix.

Most of the used brass is Winchester. This looks a lot shabbier than the RWS stuff. Walls looked stained, more bulgy, thinner.

There were a few other brands in the mix, but the RWS stuff just stood out. Almost like it had not been fired before.

What I'd like to know is are there specifically better range pickup brass cases that you covet for reloading more than others? Also, what type headstamps do you look for?
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