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Originally Posted by Marquezj16
I never said there were no legal concerns, I was questioning the reason why some people state you should not use handloads for SD/HD....
And the primary reason is those legal concerns. Those legal concerns can complicate your defense if your use of force is not immediately accepted as justified and you then have to defend yourself in court. Any such complication increases uncertainty of outcome and your risk of a bad legal result. And it's a risk that can be avoided.

Originally Posted by Marquezj16
I pointed out your statement that handloads could get the shooter in trouble and the shooter will not be allowed to present their load data as evidence. Also, your statements imply that statements made by the shooter will not be taken as the truth by the prosecutor. Those as not hard facts, they are your opinion....
[1] They are the opinion of a qualified professional. The opinion of a professional within the scope of his education, training and experience is far different from the opinion of a person without those professional qualification. The opinion of my doctor regarding matters related to my health carries a lot more weight than that of my mechanic. All opinions are not equal.

[2] Spats and I make our livings (well in the past tense for me since I'm retired) forming considered professional opinions and acting on them. We have been successful because are opinions have been sound.

[3] What would you consider a hard fact in this context?

Originally Posted by Marquezj16
There is no ruling or law that states you cannot present your side of the story if your reloads come into question...
It's not just a matter of telling your side of the story. It's a matter of being able to introduce third party testimony corroborating your story. See post 75 for a discussion of how that worked in the case of Randy Willems.
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