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Ammo Choice & Cleaning is key

IMHO, ammo choice and cleaning habits make the most difference in reliability with the .22lr platform. That being said, any manufacturer is capable of letting something out the door with less than optimum quality control. If it is still acting up after 3-500 rounds, it is most likely something that needs to be addressed by returning it to the company that made it, who ususally do stand behind there stuff. Some of us like taking them apart and finding those little burrs or rough finishes on parts that can be polished out. But it seems there are a lot of people who buy new, never even give a first cleaning to remove the cosmoline or whatever anti-corrosion coating the company put on it, fire a few boxes of the cheapest stuff they can find, then tell everybody what a crappy gun this or that make/model is. Every gun I have ever owned needed to be cleaned! And they all need a break-in period in order to get as good as they can be, especially with regards to FTF/FTE, and trigger performance. Just my .02 worth...
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