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I'm not really a great shot with pistols, shotguns, or rifles. I can hit the black with a pistol out to, say, 50 feet while taking my sweet time. I've never used a scope/pistol package so I can't comment on that. I have only been able to shoot my rifles indoors, so probably only to 50-75 feet, but am decent with them. Seeing that I have only heavy old war rifles, the recoil isn't too bad for me. Shooting a nice, heavy gun might make all the difference in the world to you, or it may not. Using a Limbsaver, from what I gather, will definitely help. My brother has a Remy 700 in 30-06 we haven't had the chance to take out yet, but from the weight of it I can already tell it will totally be suck city. I told him he should seriously think about plunking down the money for a nice chassis system, get that thing real heavy, and it'll be a decent package. I am not crazy over recoil myself, and honestly, even a .357 is mildly unpleasant for me to shoot. I had a PF-9 that I really hated to shoot, but forced myself to get good with, and I did. I understand the practicality of a 6-7 lb rifle, but those are meant for the field where serious work is done. I don't go in the field!
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