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The only time I knowingly load beyond SAAMI limits is when I feel that I have too many eyes and fingers and want to get rid of a few.
SAAMI's recommended maximum average pressure is very low for some cartridges. In a suitable platform, those cartridges can be loaded substantially hotter than SAAMI's published figures.
8x57mm Mauser (35k CUP), .30-40 Krag (40k CUP), .444 Marlin (42k CUP), .45 Colt (14k CUP), .32 S&W (12k CUP), .32 S&W Long (12k CUP), and the list goes on....

All of those cartridges can easily be loaded to higher pressure levels, without safety issues, in commonly available (modern) firearms. But, as soon as you exceed the pressure levels listed above, you're 'beyond SAAMI limits". ...which really doesn't mean anything. SAAMI's numbers are recommendations based on the limits of some older firearm designs; not a hard limit put in place because of some limitation inherent to the cartridge.
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