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Being able to shoot a handgun well should and will able you to shoot with a long gun be it a shotgun, or rifle. Tension in any part of your body is something that will adversely affect your shooting. Relax! Relax your forearm grip, trigger/pistol grip, and the way you stand. Grip firmly, but do not torque. For off hand shooting, don't hold too long. The longer you hold, the more you will wiggle. If you hold too long, tip the barrel down, and regroup. Call your Shot! when the target crosses your line of sight squeeze, and only then squeeze. Calling you shot is most important to me. We play a little game where a partner hands you the gun, and you do not know if it is loaded or not. This will bring awareness to flinching if you have this. All if this I am telling you applies to handgun shooting, so apply it to rifle practice. Tell yourself you are a cool shot, cause you are. I tell myself this also.
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