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Possible Situation?

Prosecuting Lawyer: "And sir, do you mind telling the jury what type of ammo you used when you shot and killed my client?"

Defense: "Sure, I used my hollow-points."

Prosecuting Lawyer: "Hollow-Point. Do you mind explaining what that is?"

Defense: "Sure, it expands when fired to produce a larger diameter projectile"

Prosecuting Lawyer: "So you are saying it has the potential to cause more harm and has a better chance at killing someone?"

Defense: "Well yes I suppose. If someone is trying to kill me, I would like the fight to be as unfair as possible."

Think of it first as a friendly sport tournament, such as tennis for example. If money was not a priority, are you going to go buy the cheapest/worst tennis racket you can find before the tournament? Probably not, you will want the best you can find because you want the upper hand.
Now put your life on the line as a wager to this tournament.......
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