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The mark is not of the character which might be produced by a deformity of the cylinder.

The deformity in the cylinder which would make a mark of the depth shown would make the pistol difficult to assemble and disassemble (Note the from the appearance in the photo that the mark is made on a part of the arbor which is of lesser diameter than the end of the arbor where the wedge goes through.) not to mention difficult to cycle. If it were the cylinder making the mark, because of a burr or deformity which extended far enough to mark the arbor as has been done, the cylinder would never go onto the arbor.

It is entirely possible but (IMO) unlikely that the cylinder made the mark by impacting and pressing against the arbor at that spot during loading (if you load with the lever and not a press). The lever might be pushing the arbor down against the top of the arbor. This might happen if the cylinder was a bad fit for the arbor. If this were true you might notice six deformities in the cylinder right at the forward rim of the arbor hole. I don't think this is the case, because of two things. 1. The arbor to cylinder fit would have to be way off and noticable to produce such a mark in the arbor. 2) The character of the mark seem to be completely wrong for even this possibility.

It appears (IMO) to be a mark deliberately placed on the arbor perhaps to mark the length of the cylinder for example as the owner were fitting a replacement cylinder.

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