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How about a Springfield 1911 EMP 9mm??
Try to shoot one, if possible. If it fits your hand and feels good, and if you can reach and operate the controls comfortably, then it could be a good gun for you. I don't hear much negative about that model--friend of mine uses one as his carry gun and shoots it often. He is very happy with it.

It is a single-action 1911 style pistol which means you'll have to think carefully about what mode you would want the pistol to be in while it's "on duty". Typical "ready" mode would be hammer back with the safety on--some folks aren't comfortable leaving a gun in that mode.

I wouldn't rule out the .22LR pistols entirely, but it's probably better to start considering them only if you've tried the other options (Kahr K9, Springfield EMP 9, etc) and determine that you can't find something in 9mm that won't work for you or that is in your price range. .22LR has saved defenders' lives, no question about it; but it should be selected as a defensive caliber as a last resort, in my opinion.
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