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If you had heard a presentation about the Columbine shooters, you would see that they had a well thought out plan. I'll pass on sharing it here. We went over it at Tom Given's Tactical Conference.

Cho and Aurora were not without planning. Let's not posture that we are tactical giants compared to them.
I was mistaken in my meaning. I make no claim of being a tactical expert. It just seemed that your OP was implying that level ("tactical expert") of sophistication on the part of those mentioned. Clearly I mistook your meaning as well.

I think my second point still hold true: I have yet to hear of a single such attacker who was especially skilled or who even attended a single training class or shooting match. If there were training videos found in someone's apartment, it would be common knowledge by now. The concern seems unwarranted as such.

By way of extending my remarks, it doesn't seem that kind of person goes very far in the training department, at least not in a focused, rational way. I am sure that some of them have a passing interest, but are just as likely to view an action movie as a "training film" as they would be something from a reputable source. There seems to be a kind of personality focused more on form than substance. The "rampager" seems to fit this mold.

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