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...I have loaded to beyond SAAMI limits with no issues...
The only time I knowingly load beyond SAAMI limits is when I feel that I have too many eyes and fingers and want to get rid of a few.
. . .and you obviously don't reload for a caliber like 45 Colt where SAAMI is holding onto seriously low pressure levels because if not, someone will surely buy a box of ammo and shoot it in their vintage 1873 Colt!

Some calibers have been loaded from the prehistoric era through today and can be run a bit over SAAMI, but using pressure tested data to achieve modern performance in strong guns.

Think of guns like the BFR, Linebaugh customs, Ruger SA's and freedom Arms compared to an 1873 Colt.

To the OP. I really like Federal primers in my rifles. In pistols, I always have used Winchester. No good reason why, just have. I think you will be happy with Federal, but of course reworking loads would be required.

Another option is to order 5000 online in a variety of sizes, with a few lbs of powder to save some money and get what you want. Prepare to order ~$200 - $300 worth of stuff, before the savings is worth it.
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