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Carry whatever you want, it will be just fine for all the gunfights you are likely to find yourself in.

In .38 I carry 158gr lead semi-wadcutter hollow points. +P in those that are rated for it, non +P in those that aren't. Bought them from Buffalo Bore since I can't seem to find any boxes of Remington or Winchester out there.

I dont carry my .45 but it's loaded with Winchester Ranger T JHPs, 230 grain +P. No sense in me going looking for "old fashioned" bullets in that caliber since there are good modern ones for sale.

In my Glocks (oooh, I must be part of the evil "Glock crowd" whatever that means), I've got some Federal HST, 9mm and 40 S&W. But I'm sure Federal 9BP would work too. I guess the 40 is too new-fangled for there to even be old-school ammo for it, so I'm stuck with something made this century.
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