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I need something less noisy

When I moved to the country, I decided to buy a rifle that wasn't quite as loud as my 220 Swift or 260 Rem. It was tough making a choice, but I finally decided on a 223. Why not, since everybody has one. But...although it's a great cartridge, it sure isn't quiet. Today there was a big coon busting my wife's favorite cat's butt. I shot the coon, without wearing hearing protection, and couldn't hear anything for 10 minutes. I was under the carport when I made the shot. It was maybe 1200 yards, in a high honestly it was 30 yards in no wind, but I was under the carport, which held the sound in. Man, that really hurt my ears. So what do I need that's good for 100 or 150 yards, is fairly flat shooting, and will take down a coyote, coon, or similar small critter? And it needs to be relatively quiet (compared to a 223). Whaddaya think? 17 Ackley Bee maybe? I'm a reloader.
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