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I'll throw in a vote for the LCR. It's my daily pocket carry. I just tested it in my hand and my trigger finger reaches out past the the front of the trigger guard, or far into the trigger area if I actually put my finger on the trigger. My mom is fairly small and she enjoys her LCR. It can have a sting with hot 38+P rounds but practicing with regular 38's isn't bad. You won't notice that when you need to use it anyway. Like people are saying, go into a shop and put your hands on one. It might be better for you because you could get a full grip on the little handle.

If you are looking into 22 there's also the LCR 22. 8 shots and unlike a semi auto if you get a bad round you just pull the trigger again to get to the next round. With a semi auto you'll need to rack the slide and possible clear a jam. 22 is not ideal for defense but it is better then a police whistle.
I bought one Taurus firearm. I'll never make that mistake again.

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