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Reminds me of the early '70s.

We didn't have the Internet back then but somebody came up with the "Anarchist Cookbook"

All kinds of stuff, how to do in cops, how to make bombs, how to make pot cookies. All kinds of silly crap.

The LE community threw a Tessy fit. Everyone called for censorship.

I studied that book looking with a bomb tech's point of view.

That book was more of a danger to the would be anarchist, then the LE community.

If one wants the information, its out there, with or without the Internet.

You have tons of Military Field Manuel's available do to the freedom of information act. Don't need you tube.

I'm against censorship of any kind (short of kiddy ****).

Having said that, I do reserve the right to bar people from my classes, that is my right.
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