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Also, what brand of paint that is reaily available would best suit the task at hand?
What is the task at hand?

Hunting, benchrest...?

Several things to consider...

How much durability do you need?

Do you want it to be permanent?

Ease of application...

For stocks, I gotta tell you that rattle-can Krylon Camo jobs are easy, attractive, and fairly durable if properly clear coated.

If it gets beat up, or you want to remove it, or you just decide to change to a different color or pattern, it'll wipe right off with mineral spirits. Quick dry, you can do a four-color camo job in an hour...

Now, if you're doing a complicated ACUPAT or similar that takes days to do correctly, you're going to want it to last...because it's also not easy to touch up. Here, you'll want to use more durable two-part paints like Cerakote or Duracoat.
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